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Les Cahiers – Food and Beverage

False Narratives and Data Storytelling

One of the potentially negative results in which the communicative process falls very frequently are the so-called “False Narratives”.

Turning the Microscope on Micro-Influencers

Find out more about how influencer marketing and working with micro-influencers may affect your results.

Classification of influencers in TIERS or STARS

As of September 2018 Bat Radar has developed a new classification of the influencers in Tiers, or in levels.

Most followed chefs on Instagram – September 2018

Most influential chefs on Instagram worldwide. Monthly ranking. September 2018.

Bat Radar Charts Archives

Starting from today, at the beginning of each month we will publish in the Charts Archives a monthly update of all Bat Radar rankings.

Find out our Charts!

Find out real value of influencers worldwide.

What is Bat Factor?

The Bat Factor is an index that measures the degree of “influence” of a social page.

The world’s most influential chefs on Facebook (50k up)

The ranking of the world’s most influential chefs on Facebook, based on Bat Radar TM data.

Domino’s and Ford testing self-driving pizza delivery

Domino’s and Ford are launching a collaboration to understand the role of self-driving vehicles.